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Grimes said “We Appreciate Power,” so now we appreciate power

The rise of artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has been decried by the likes of many — after all, there are few things more terrifying than that. Not exactly so: According to Grimes’ newest track, “We Appreciate Power,” this dystopia could actually be pretty cool. The Canadian pop princess declared the A.I. invasion to be good, therefore, it is gospel.

10 best songs of 2015

Here are our picks for the best songs of 2015: 10. “Sorry” – Justin Bieber Although released in November, this second single released from Bieber’s new album Purpose, “Sorry” is likely to remain a hit for the rest of the year and into the summer. The success of “Sorry” largely […]

10 Best Albums of 2015

Here are our picks for the best albums of 2015: 10. Lana Del Rey — Honeymoon Dramatically toning down the gritty sound of her previous album, Ultraviolence (2014), in favour of a more layered, ethereal, and timeless aesthetic, Lana Del Rey—one of pop music’s most divisive artist—takes the listener on […]