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Advice to our younger selves: What we wish we had known

Regardless of how far you’ve travelled, coming to McGill is a huge adventure to embark on. Your first year is chance to reinvent yourself and push your boundaries. Try to look at each experience as an opportunity to learn more about yourself–the more experiences you have, the more you’ll grow. Keep Reading

first year

First-Year Seminars aid new students’ transition into university

When I was finalizing my university decision, my biggest hesitation about attending McGill University was the sheer class size of core requirement courses for my then-major Economics. I had never had a class with more than 25 students throughout my elementary and secondary education, so I felt both overwhelmed and uncertain of how to navigate… Keep Reading

Campus Conversation: How effective is Frosh as an introduction to life at McGill?

Editor's note: The following answers are based on each contributor’s own personal experiences with the particular Frosh each participated in. Our writers took part in Arts, Rad, Outdoor, and Fish Frosh. Each explores the value of Frosh in terms of building relationships, foundations for life at McGill, and discovering the broader Montreal community. Content No Frosh… Keep Reading

first year

Which elective should I take at McGill?

Over the course of the post-secondary experience, there are countless opportunities to branch out from your field of study. Electives can challenge students to see their degree in a new light, gain a more holistic perspective of what is available for study at McGill, bump up your GPA, and ultimately have a more well-rounded university… Keep Reading

first year

Ask Ainsley: “What should I expect coming into first year?”

Dear Ainsley, Dear Ainsley, I am entering my first year at McGill in the Fall, and I'm not quite sure what to expect academically. I've heard grade deflation at McGill can be severe, and that classes are rigorous. What should I expect? Sincerely, Frightened First Year (FFY) Dear FFY, To be honest, I didn’t quite… Keep Reading

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first year

McGill 101: Carving your own space at McGill

The question I constantly asked myself and my peers in my first year at McGill was “What should I do?” Beyond the classroom, how do I strike a balance between social life and schoolwork, and which clubs should I join? We somehow all made it to McGill, yet upon arrival that accomplishment can seem more… Keep Reading

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