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Gaining a financial education early is an investment in the future

In the months leading up to their first year, undergraduates will hear several not-so-glorious bits about the ‘glorious’ college years that await them. They’ll learn about the clichéd—yet inevitable—‘Freshman 15,’ they’ll be warned of the self-sabotage that is an 8:30 a.m. lecture, and likely, they’ll be introduced to a persona […]

Exploring the world of math

The fast-paced world of finance has always been filled with big numbers. Astronomical numbers. Mind-bogglingly huge numbers that inspire the question: How does this much money even exist? Investors turned to mathematicians for help answering this question. Thus, quantitative finance was born. Simply, quantitative finance is a math-intensive subfield that […]

Quebec finance minister holds pre-budgetary town hall at McGill

Quebec Finance Minister Carlos Leitão,  participated in a town hall meeting on the upcoming provincial budget revision at the Desautels Faculty of Management on Monday, Feb. 15, fielding questions from both students and professors on public finance, environmental economic policy, and Quebec’s changing tax structure. The town hall addressed three […]