The Super Bowl can be fun for everyone. (
The Super Bowl can be fun for everyone. (

Why everyone should watch the Super Bowl

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This Sunday marks the 47th Super Bowl, which means everything to some of us, and absolutely nothing to others. For those in the latter category, here is a list of reasons to enjoy the upcoming festivities. If you’re still unconvinced by the end of this article, there’s always the Puppy Bowl.


1. Everybody else does: We’re all taught that caving to peer pressure shows a lack of character, but I prefer to look at this as ‘going with the flow.’ Most of us will be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday, and if you don’t, you will quite simply be left out. Come Monday morning, whether you’re in class or at work, you’ll hear countless conversations about that one incredible play, or ridiculous call, or wardrobe malfunction – and you will have no context.

2. The half-time show: On that note, the Super Bowl half-time show always offers astounding musical acts to keep us entertained at intermission. Two words: Janet Jackson. Rumour has it this year’s show will see the (temporary? I hope not!) reunification of Destiny’s Child, which is reason enough to tune in, even if the rest of this list does nothing for you. If that doesn’t come together, we’ll still have Beyoncé. I don’t know about you, but that alone is reason enough for me.

3. The commercials: Usually, commercials are annoying, and get in the way of whatever it is you’re trying to watch, but hear me out on this one. The Super Bowl is a big undertaking; depending on your level of enthusiasm, it can even be a day-long commitment. You need those commercials to pace yourself. Whether it’s a bathroom break, a nacho run, or, heaven forbid, needing to talk to your Baltimore Ravens-obsessed companion about something important – commercials provide your window of opportunity.

4. Eye Candy: Whether you’re looking at the players or the cheerleaders, there are some pretty attractive people to watch at the Super Bowl. I don’t have much more to say about this one; do with it what you will.

5. Quality time with your friends, roommates, family etc.: Whatever your reason for watching the Super Bowl, it can certainly bring people together. It provides a great backdrop to sit and hang out with people you haven’t seen in a while. Catching up is great, but there’s something to be said for just being together – even if you’re not really doing anything.

6. The opportunity to shout at the screen along with actual sports fans: I love shows like Community and Mad Men, but they’re not really the kind of programming that gets me yelling. I may engage in a spirited debate or two with friends over them, but I’d feel a little weird screaming at Don Draper to get his life together. When watching sports, I get to shout right along with my dad at Ray Lewis to step up his game. And that’s actually pretty fun.

7. The food: Okay, let’s be honest, one of the best parts of ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ is the food that accompanies it. We’ve got a few recipes in this section to get you started, but the possibilities really are endless.

8. Pre-gaming: What goes better with football and food than beer? Not much, in my opinion. While Sundays are usually stressful and laden with schoolwork, take the opportunity to break routine, get psyched up for the game, and kick back with a cold one. Just make sure you don’t have anything too important to do that night.

9. The opportunity to make new friends: Going out to a bar whenever there’s a significant sporting event taking place guarantees a higher level of camaraderie and hilarity, especially if most patrons have followed number eight on this list. Anyone you meet who’s cheering for your team is automatically your new best friend; and celebrating a touchdown with thirty people is way more fun than celebrating it with two.

10. It beats studying: What sounds like a better Sunday to you? Hanging out with your friends, eating some good food, and grooving to Beyoncé, or getting caught up on your readings? That’s what Saturday afternoon is for.