WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Gossip looks pretty in pink

As we enter the first week of school feeling relaxed and refreshed after four months of summer, we tend to forget the horrors of midterms, papers and finals. Slowly but surely, though, the pressure of university starts to creep onto the shoulders of each and every one of us. Fortunately, there is a temporary relief to the anxiety caused by studying: procrastination. You do it. I do it. The queen does it. Sometimes, in order to succeed in life one must procrastinate, leave things to the last minute, stress out and feel immense relief when the midterm or final or paper is completed. We do, however, have one advantage that the generation before us did not have — the Internet.

There are billions of Web sites out there, waiting to be explored as students across the planet avoid writing 10-page papers on Shakespearean animalities. Facebook and My Space are fun, but when you get bored of stalking your friends, their friends and the hot guy in your bio lab, why not stalk celebrities? Pink is the New Blog is a Web site created by the flamboyant and sarcastic Trent Vargas, who doles out celebrity gossip weeks before it hits the newsstands. Not only does he post unseen pictures, controversial stories and television spoilers, he dishes the dirt with a wit that makes you giggle in the library.

Every afternoon, Vargas updates his Web site with the latest and greatest news from Hollywood. Although he follows the lives of all celebrities, he tends to focus on the exploits of the younger generation of stars. While Vargas obviously respects Hollywood and all it has to offer, he still mocks superstars with a bright, tell-all, pink font. For example, a picture of Kevin Federline, Britney Spears´ hubby, has a pink arrow pointing at his face reading “not hawt.”

Aesthetically, the Web site does not have much to offer. A black background and pink font may be basic and even dull, but the pictures speak for themselves. Who needs an eye-catching font when you have a photo of Jake Gyllenhaal in spandex?

Although there are several gossip Web sites out there, Pink is the New Blog successfully satisfies the hidden voyeur lurking deep inside every politically and socially conscious undergrad. What is it about inconsequential celebrity gossip that intrigues so many of us? The romantic escapades of Tom Cruise and Britney Spears do not have any effect on the average student´s life, but when schoolwork piles up… anything goes. If you’re a People Magazine or US Weekly reader, check out Pink is the New Blog instead of shelling out $4 at the dep. It’s both fun and free.

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