Two new colourful concoctions

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Tropic Thunder


Approx. 1 cup Orange Juice

2 ½ oz Blue Curaçao

Dash of triple sec (optional)

This is a simple and sweet drink for those of us who are feeling nostalgic for summertime. It is served on the rocks in a tall glass. Start by pouring the juice over the ice with about 1 ½ inches to spare. Top it off with 2 oz. of Blue Curaçao and a dash of triple sec, if you want to add a bit of body to the cocktail. If need be, stir the drink around and garnish with an orange or a cherry.

Blushing Bride


1 part Bailey’s®

1 part Tequila Rosé®

1 part crème de menthe (blanc)

This shooter is a creamy concoction of flavours that go together quite nicely. Simply pour the ingredients in the order shown above by thirds into a shot glass. The shot can be layered by placing a spoon over the top of the shooter so the back of the spoon is facing up. Next, pour the ingredients smoothly and slowly over the spoon in order so that they run down the sides – this way they do not splash and mix together.