Top five places to cry on campus

There are two types of McGill students: Those who admit to crying on campus, and liars. University is hard and stressful, and between the stress of navigating classes, extracurricular activities, and rough nights out, it’s cathartic to have a release a few tears when you need to. Crying on campus is by far the most time-efficient way of letting your emotions loose while also making it to your classes. However, McGill’s campus is huge, and finding the perfect spot to sob—that hasn’t already been taken—can be more stressful than your next midterm. To solve this dilemma, The McGill Tribune has compiled a list of the best places to cry on campus, for any occasion.

Cybertheque’s Premiere Moisson Cafe

Nothing heals a damaged spirit quite like a calorie-fest of bread, sugar, and chocolate. The Premiere Moisson (PM) in Redpath Library’s Cybertheque basement area makes it convenient for the occasions when you want to cry while eating a croissant. With their delectable desserts, fresh breads, and slabs of chocolate, PM is the perfect place to mend a heart broken by anything—from exes to exams. Order a hot chocolate and a slice of cheesecake, and proceed to fill the endless void in your life with carbs.

The steps of the Arts building

When you’re having one of those days—you know, when you’ve locked yourself out of your apartment, spilled hot coffee on yourself, and flunked your test—embrace the melodramatic side of your personality and the ultimate realization that life will always be painful and stomp on over to the Arts building. Maybe go inside first, play the score to Interstellar, and then walk out the main doors. Bonus points if you manage to slam the door on your way out. Throw a loud fit outside on the marble stairs: Tears, screams, the whole nine yards. If you’re lucky enough, a tour group or a throng of confused students might think that your tantrum is really a performance piece. They might even give you a couple dollars if you get really into it.

The SSMU lounge

Have you been pulling too many all-nighters and drinking too much coffee? Has your  ‘sleep-is-for-the-weak’ attitude led you down a dark hole of repeated long nights wasting away in front of your computer screen? Tears of exhaustion are a real, and unfortunately, very common thing to see on any university campus. It’s times like this when you need to get yourself to the SSMU building and cry, nap, then cry some more. Curl up on one of the couches or bean bags and let all that negativity out. If you’ve been too busy to eat, pop over to La Prep and grab a sandwich first. Either way, you can only enjoy SSMU’s luxurious amenities for another few months before its temporary closure—take advantage of it while you can!

The Macdonald Campus shuttle

Having an existential crisis? Don’t know what you’re doing with your life but feel like everyone else has it figured out? Take the shuttle to the Macdonald Campus, which comes in 35 to 45 minute intervals. The ride to and from the Mac Campus is over half an hour each way, and if you listen to sad music while crying and looking out the window, it’s almost like you’re in a music video. I highly recommend introspective songs, such as ‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus. Sing and cry at the same time, and at the same volume, and you just might make every other person on the shuttle feel as terrible as you do.

Your professor’s office

If you’re failing a class and have noticed exam season is right around the corner, it’s time to embrace Shakespearean dramatics. Barge into your professor’s office—preferably during office hours—and start bawling. Don’t say a single word; let the tears talk for themselves. Eventually, having a sobbing student in your professor’s office will weigh on their conscience and they’ll try to do everything they can to help, even if it’s just to get you to shut up. Fingers crossed that they remember you when grading and are a little more lenient, remembering your nervous—and awkward—breakdown.

Life at McGill is hard, and things will probably only continue to get worse over the course of your time here. So embrace your pain; go forth and sob. Just remember to make it to your next class on time.

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