Military style ankle boots. (
Military style ankle boots. (

The style guide for fall 2012

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This Fall’s trends stormed the runways of New York and Paris Fashion Week. Here are some of our favourite wardrobe staples, accompanied by tips on how to wear them all without committing fashion overkill.

Peplum detail on a fall jacket. (
Peplum detail on a fall jacket. (


This feminine fad isn’t ready to go yet. The peplum, a small flare or ruffle of fabric that can be seen over a dress or on a coat, was one of the most wearable trends of spring 2012, and we’re so glad it stuck around for fall. Don’t limit yourself to dresses and skirts; add a little peplum flare to your shirt or pants, and spice it up with your favourite accessories. Chunky necklace, anyone?


Without a doubt, fall would not be the same without the cozy knits we love. This time around, follow J. Crew’s suit, and dress your knits up with silky pants or a statement skirt. You’ll be sure to catch a few glances, so don’t forget to pair similar colours so your outfit looks more put-together.


If you haven’t stolen one from your dad or uncle yet, it’s time to invest in this fashion staple and get one of your own. Adorn your wrist with a chunky, rose-gold menswear watch from Michael Kors, or layer  your old timepiece with bracelets and cuffs.


A bold statement, the bedazzled collar makes even the dullest outfits classy-chic. Collars are all the rage, both on and off the runway. It’s easy to find detachable collars at H&M and Topshop. Indulge yourself, but avoid looking too trendy, by pairing your collars with plain tops and knits for a subtler look.


These ladylike shoes are no longer only for your grandmother. As statement shoes on the runway get more and more polished, the refined loafer is high in demand this fall.  Whether sequined or suede, take a break from your old ballet flats and invest in the shoe you’ll be wearing for much longer than just one season.


Incorporate textures into your outfit. Luxury fabrics like cashmere, angora, and mohair made a statement on the runways, so get them into your closet! Not only will you be weather-ready, the fabrics will also act as a staple that’s worth investing in. Let your new piece stand out in your outfit, and remember not to dress head to toe in the same texture.


Ankle boots are always a fall favourite, but the new, perfectly tailored ankle boots in for this year call for more style worship. We love the classic military boot from Steve Madden, or go with a more smooth and refined look from A.P.C. or Zara.


Break out of your comfort zone and reach for an edgy leather legging instead of your go-to black pair. Wear it with an oversize graphic sweater or a sheer top for a high impact look.

This menswear watch makes a statement. (
This menswear watch makes a statement. (


Yes, we absolutely adore the fact that oversized earrings are in style for the fall season. As if Dolce & Gabbana couldn’t have made it clearer on their runway, these babies are back and ready to dominate your outfit.


Fall would not be complete without scarves. This season, invest in a silk scarf to add some glam to your getup. Granted, we would all love an Alexander McQueen, but Zara and Urban Outfitters can serve as substitutes. A burst of colour can make all the difference in a neutrally-toned outfit!