Ten wardrobe staples your closet needs

1. Those blue jeans you look fantastic in.

Everybody has (or should have) that one pair of jeans that makes them feel great. They work for a night out, an afternoon at the park, or a day spent cleaning the house. A great pair of jeans can go from casual to fierce with one simple shirt change, and they fit perfectly. If that description doesn’t sound like any of the jeans you have, get a new pair.

2. A plain white t-shirt

Another versatile piece of clothing, the white t-shirt can work for a number of your more casual settings. You can go to the mall, the gym, the grocery store, or almost anywhere except a wedding in a plain white t-shirt. Pair it with your favourite pair of shorts and enjoy the last days of summer without overheating.

3. A baggy pullover

No matter how stylish you are, you will always need a pullover. I  prefer the hooded variety myself, but either way your movie nights just won’t be the same without a cozy sweater to cuddle into. Considering university is one of those times in  life where it’s more acceptable to wear comfy—if not sloppy—clothing, take advantage! It’s also a great way to show your allegiance to your favourite sports team or school.

4. Thick, fuzzy socks

Again, this item is a pure comfort staple for your closet. Heading into the frigid winter months in Montreal, you simply can’t afford to be without a pair of fuzzy socks. Bonus points if they’ve got snowflakes or some other amusing winter-themed design on them. It’s a proven fact that students study better with warm feet, so do yourself a favour and pick up a pair.

5. A black V-neck

A black V-neck is the best of both worlds. It says “I’m stylish and hip, but I’m also laid back and comfortable”. Who doesn’t want to be all that? I would just caution both sexes to watch the depth of their v-neck, because you also don’t want it to be too revealing.

6. A  comfortable pair of shoes that look good

This one is aimed slightly more at the ladies, since shoe comfort seems to be a priority for men already. This is not always so for the fairer sex. Many women buy shoes that look incredible, but they can’t be worn for more than about six steps. Whether or not you want to wear shoes like that most of the time is up to your own discretion, but please buy at least one pair that you’re actually comfortable in! Granted, it is extremely difficult to find a pair of heels that marry style and comfort, but it can be done. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

7. A first-interview shirt or blouse

Everyone should have some professional attire, even if they’re fresh into their first job as a dishwasher. They say “dress for the job you want,” so no matter what interview you’re heading to, dress to impress. Your shirt should be clean, ironed, and slightly worn-in. Never, under any circumstances, wear a brand new outfit to a job interview. You’re probably already freaking out. Think of your familiar interview shirt as your safety blanket.

8. A concert t-shirt 

If you don’t have one of these, get yourself to a concert ASAP. I’m not advocating buying a shirt every time you see a show, but if it’s your favourite band, or it was a particularly amazing show, it’s worth the splurge. Every time you wear that shirt, you’ll remember the great night you had, and chances are you’ll be walking around with that band’s music playing in your head like a soundtrack to your day. It’s an instant mood-booster.

9. A blazer

This falls into the ‘formal-wear’ section of your wardrobe. A good blazer can work for a day at the office or a dinner out with your friends. No matter what, it always keeps you looking polished. As Oscar Wilde once said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated,” so feel free to don this staple on almost any occasion.

10. Sweatpants

Sweatpants are the final and perhaps most important must-have for any closet. No matter how many chores you have to do, you will have comfort and range of motion. No matter how much you don’t feel like going to the gym, you’ll be inspired the second you slip into your sweats. No matter how bad of a day you had, the moment you go home and change, you can’t help but relax.  Just know when you can get away with them in public (i.e. almost never).

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