Student of the Week

This Student of the Week was chosen for his enthusiastic work in the Gardner Hall council, as well as within the larger McGill community.

Q: If you were a mode of transportation, which would you be?

A: I’d probably go with a sidecar. Not the motorcycle itself, just the sidecar. It’s cooler, it’s safer. I’ve always wanted to be the guy with the goggles and the scarf; and I’m always a good sidekick.

Q: What’s the best reason to visit your hometown?

A: I live in the northern suburb of Chicago: Wilmette. ‘Thrill-mette’ as I like to call it….A New York minute’s like 20 seconds, a Wilmette minute’s more like 20 minutes….I actually really love my hometown, and Bill Murray’s from there. I run the Facebook page of my town, it has a thousand or so likes on it. Also it has the Baha’i temple—there’s [only] one in North America, and it’s in Wilmette.

Q: What’s your recommendation for a bird course at McGill?

A: It’s not a bird course, but a course that people should take [is] PSYC 180. It’s called Critical thinking: Biases and illusions. The professor [Amir Raz] is a magician. As he explains it, he’s a mentalist. He plays mind tricks on you. It’s a three hour lecture once a week, and he just takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, and he weaves magic tricks into his lectures.

Q: Who do you think should take over as principal when HMB leaves?

A: Can we go with Joe Biden? I mean, I’ve always loved Joe Biden. We all really know who’s pulling the strings in this Obama administration: Joey B. I’ve really just supported any vice president ever, being a vice president myself [VP Internal of Gardner Hall]. I feel like … he’d settle in nicely.

Q: What word or phrase do you most overuse?

A: I use a lot of interjections, so I’d probably go with ‘drat!’ I use drat a lot, probably too much. I’m a very energetic type of guy, so even when things don’t really need a ‘drat’ to be given, I still do it.

Q: If you could say one thing to Leonard Cohen, what would it be?

A: ‘Great music. You wanna hang out sometime? Please?’

Q: Name one movie you’ll never get tired of watching.

A: Truman Show, 100 per cent. [It’s my] favourite movie of all time. I watch it actually once a year. I cry every time. It’s not really a movie to cry during, but it’s just so good.  It’s so great.

Q: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

A: When people crumple money. I guess with the Canadian money, you can’t crumple it. Like the fifties and the hundreds are plastic now; and the twenties as well? Looks like I moved to the right country. Solving my biggest pet peeves. Thank you, Canada!

Q: What’s your party trick?

A: I have two different sized hands, which is one of my party tricks. And recently, my ability to speak Chinese. It’s cooler when I bust out the hand trick though.

Q: Name your favourite McGill event this year so far.

A: Probably gonna have to go with the Gardner floor crawl that we did for Halloween. From being on council to being one of the leaders of the groups, it was cool to see [how the event was created], to be in it, and to watch the entire progression of it. I really played all sides of the field on that one.

Q: Describe Add/Drop in three words.

A: ‘This class sucks’, or, ‘temporary woes, stress’.

Q: What is your new year’s resolution?

A: Probably to call my mother more, and tell her that she is a lovely woman.

Q: What technological or sociological advancement do you hope to see during your lifetime?

A: Do you remember the movie Clockstoppers? I just want to turn on a hose, clockstop, and just bat those water droplets out of the air. That was the coolest part of the movie.

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