STUDENT LIVING: Top ten fashion must-haves

1)The skinny jean – Although some of us may have boycotted the skinny jean for a while, it’s back with a vengeance this season. Every other person on campus is donning a pair. Just keep in mind that they are tight, so the darker they are, the better.

2)The slouchy sweater – An alternative to the McGill sweatshirt, this soft knit is both comfortable and fashionable.

3)The mini-skirt – paired with a pair of high boots or leggings, the mini-skirt is a fun trend, but may disappear in the cold Montreal winter.

4)High boots – Boots are the ‘it’ shoe for fall and winter and, fortunately, they come in a variety of styles; there is no need to stick with the extreme pointy toe of last season. Buy four pairs: flat, square-toed, wedge, and stiletto!

5)The dress – This is an extremely comfortable, versatile and easy piece. The dress comes in a variety of forms this season: if you pair one with high boots or leggings, a wide belt, and a cardigan, you have a new look for fall.

6)The big bag – Big bags are still as hot as ever. Why mess with a great accessory that can hold everything?

7)The vest – Pair this cute and trendy look with a long-sleeved tee.

8)Black, brown and grey – Colour is great… but only in small doses. The basics this season are best worn in dreary shades and very dark colours. 9) The wide belt – A bright red or metallic belt will add colour to the dark fall fashions.

10) Leggings – Last but not least, leggings are pretty much the hottest trend this fall. Although these spandex pants come in all different patterns, it is best to go with the traditional black. But please, wear them with a tunic, dress, or a skirt — that covers your bum! Beware: wedgies can be an unfortunate side effect.

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