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The Diary of Gus

McGill Tribune One of the best ways to understand something is to analyze its exact opposite: throw it into a box, shake it around, and see what comes out. Let’s imagine that McGill is our something, this column the box. What follows is a diary entry from Gus, a McGill […]

Chicken Fingers  Chicken fingers are one of the most popular comfort foods. While the grocery store might offer moderately priced frozen versions, it’s actually quite easy (and cheaper) to make your own. Homemade chicken strips are healthier than their fast food alternatives, and they’re more delicious. These can be made in […]

Living with boys Until recently, I’ve always lived with girls. If I decided to play Miley Cyrus on repeat for weeks on end, or buy a vanilla scented candle, it was never a problem. But things change when you live with a member of the opposite sex, which I’ve discovered by acquiring […]

Living with girls

Last year a girl I didn’t know moved in with me and my two other male roommates. It was weird. But during that semester, no matter how much I fought it, my living style changed, sometimes for the better, but mostly to the lamer. But, besides certain aspects of my […]