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CHATTERBOX: ‘Lu and behold!’

Not many professors would start their 10 a.m. class with an Eminem song blaring over the sound system as their half-awake students stumble into the room. Then again, not many professors are like Catherine Lu, who currently teaches Western Political Thought on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the Adams auditorium The political science department has more than twice as many men as women professors.

SILHOUTETTE: Dude, where’s my passport?

When you live in a city where most of the homeless people can beg for money in three different languages, you know it’s international. Out of the 19,000 undergraduates at McGill, 3,660 of them are from outside of Canada. Encompassing over 4,000 students, including graduates and part-timers, the McGill International Student Network is one of McGill’s most valued student organizations.

Is your face worthy of Facebook?

Think you’re on Facebook to socialize? Think again. With over 20,000 new members registering daily for the infamous friendship network, Facebook is known, first and foremost, as an efficient tool for the communicating masses. While eager stalkers interact via notes, poking and wall writing, they are also tuning into something much larger and essentially much vainer: themselves.

STUDENT LIVING: Recipe-Ah, zee Franche cuisine

Even the most particular person always has at least one thing to marvel at when they think of the French: food. French food is one of the oldest, proudest and most regulated gastronomical traditions in the world. This is not to say that Indian, Thai, Spanish or any of the other traditions are lacking in some way, but they were not institutionalized as early as the French.