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FOOD: Tea’s company

Though it has only been a Western commodity for the past few centuries, tea has one of the longest and most illustrious histories of any beverage. Legend cites its discovery by Emperor Shennong of China around 2700 BCE, though early written record of the drink only stretches back to 300 CE or so.

THE HYDIAN PERSPECTIVE: How to be a hipster

Going to University is a chance to re-invent yourself; you can finally shake off the stigmas of adolescent awkwardness and become the beautiful swan you were always meant to be. While many students adopt a new identity because they have experienced a great maturation between graduation day and the beginning of frosh, this metamorphosis is more frequently facilitated by the fact that they are now miles away from the people who knew them during their brace-faced “my little ponies” phase.

JUMBO SHRIMP: University life and other oxymorons

If Martha Stewart has taught me nothing else, it is to never apologize for a meal before you serve it. By all means, apologize as your guests are being carted off on stretchers by EMS, but not a moment before that lobster-lychee casserole hits the table. Thankfully, Martha Stewart’s credibility is completely shot, and thus I unabashedly forgiveness culpa, dear reader.

Campus Calendar

Screening of Point Blank When: Oct. 28 7-9 p.m. Where: Arts W-125 DESA presents a film screening of the 1967 noir classic Point Blank. Cultural Studies professor Alanna Thain will be presiding over the screening and will lead an informal discussion after the movie.