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SILHOUETTE: Career hook-ups

Currently, there is a demand for McGill grads from companies in financial market hotspots overseas, and the McGill Financial Ambassadors (MFA) have answered. Clovis Couasnon, U3 finance and mathematics, and Amine Larhrib, U3 finance and accounting, co-founders of the MFA, started the club as a way through which students could make contacts to ensure future job opportunities.

Summer adventures in Southeast Asia

Squeezed between the twin giants of China and India rests a college student’s oasis: a collection of diversely charming states replete with swarms of horny backpackers, flawless beaches, delectable cuisine, and dirt-cheap alcohol. This magical haven, Southeast Asia, is the perfect travel destination for any jaded, over-educated university student seeking one last trip before entering the real world.

Is your face worthy of Facebook?

Think you’re on Facebook to socialize? Think again. With over 20,000 new members registering daily for the infamous friendship network, Facebook is known, first and foremost, as an efficient tool for the communicating masses. While eager stalkers interact via notes, poking and wall writing, they are also tuning into something much larger and essentially much vainer: themselves.