Delicious vegetarian cuisine is served at Lola Rosa. (
Delicious vegetarian cuisine is served at Lola Rosa. (

Montreal’s favourite vegetarian digs

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Lola Rosa

Location: 545 Milton

Price: $10-$15 per plate

If you have not discovered Lola Rosa yet, you should visit soon. Packed from open to close, this bistro is situated in the heart of the ghetto, and serves succulent vegetarian cuisine with both American and international flavours. Lola Rosa offers veggie burgers, quiche, chili, savoury phyllo-pastries, curries, and features desserts to die for such as the key-lime pie and vegan chocolate cake.  Lola Rosa’s fresh, generous portions and offer a taste bursting with flavour, it will always leave you coming back for more. Plan ahead as this cozy gem nearly always requires a reservation. During peak hours, although the service can be slow at those times, the historical notes in your table’s drawers provide whimsical entertainment. If you’re looking for a taste of Lola Rosa on campus, you’re in luck! Lola Rosa Express is now open in the SSMU building.

Aux Vivres

Location: 4631 Boul. St-Laurent

Price: $10-$15 per plate

Classic and fresh, the staple of Montreal’s vegan scene has to be Aux Vivres. Choose from a variety of meat substitutes or indulge in the famous bowls filled with organic brown rice, an array of crunchy vegetables, tofu, and a sauce bursting with flavour. Aux Vivres is definitely an indulgence on the vegan side of the Plateau.


Location: 5195 Rue Pare, 975 Rue Jean Talon Ouest

Price: under $10 per plate

Indian cuisine is full of complex vegetarian flavours. Pushap is both a restaurant and a well-known gold mine of Indian sweets, laden with sugar, milk and ghee (clarified butter). Not only is the food authentic, spicy and bursting with a North Indian flair, but it is also incredibly cheap. Get a multi-course meal with a couple of dishes, bread, rice and dessert all for about $10, then take home a dozen of the best samosas that Montreal has to offer. Don’t let the first impression of the hectic ambiance threaten you—it adds to the experience of authentic Indian cuisine.


Location: 4088, Rue St-Denis, (corner of Duluth)

Price: $15-$25 per plate

ChuChai is a Thai paradise for vegetarians to bring their meat-loving friends. This is the place to find the best veggie dishes that look like meat, smell like meat, and even taste like meat. Highly recommended are the ‘duck’ dishes, which may fool even the most weathered fowl connoisseur. Delicately prepared and thoughtfully delivered, the masterful vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes are moderately priced. Still, it’s worth every penny for the peace of mind afforded by the fact that the secrets of Thai cuisine can be captured without fish sauce or small meaty surprises.


Location: 2157 Mackay

Price: $15-$25 per plate

The raw, the vegan, the gluten-free—crudessence offers the ultimate indulgence for those with a very particular palate. This trendy restaurant offers a new definition of healthy and cleansing foods. Dishes are made from the freshest, locally-produced, and organic vegetables, artistically assembled to tempt any vegetarian’s taste buds. If you think ‘raw’ and ‘vegan’ mean  salads with flavourless dressings, think again. In addition to the raw soups and colourful salads bursting with unique aromas and succulent tastes, ChuChai offers raw pad thai and lasagna, vegan crepes, and spaghetti. Most importantly, this place gives vegans and raw dieters the opportunity to indulge in cheesecake, brownies, crême brulée, chocolates, and cookies to satisfy their sweet tooth. Finally, this vegan haven gives you a healthy benefit with hearty smoothies and lunchtime specialties, including ‘egg’ burritos, smoked ‘salmon’ bagels, and much more!