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Chill Thrills

(Liam Kirkpatrick / The McGill Tribune)
Chill Thrills

Viewpoint: A first-timer’s look at Nuit Blanche

Every winter, the streets of Quartier des Spectacles in downtown Montreal light up in celebration of Montreal en Lumière, one of the largest winter festivals in the world. The festival began in 2000 as a way of introducing people to Montreal’s winter scene. Combining performance art, gastronomy, unique art exhibits, and family-friendly activities, Montreal en… Keep Reading

(Noah Sutton / The McGill Tribune)
Chill Thrills

The history of Igloofest: The path to becoming one of the hottest festivals in Montreal

Every winter since 2006, Igloofest has provided Montrealers with the largest, rowdiest month-long party to occur at the Old Port. At the heart of the thumping beats and dancing people is Nicholas Cournoyer, the executive producer of the festival. Along with co-founder Pascal Lefebvre, Cournoyer thought of creating a festival in the middle of winter after… Keep Reading

(Alex Gardiner / The McGill Tribune)
Chill Thrills

La Petite Floride: The magic school bus in the Mile End

Hidden away deep in the Mile End, at the corner of Rue Bernard and Avenue de Gaspé, sits a quaint school bus, a glowing skating rink, and, sitting outside the bus, is what seems to be a bar more fitting for tropical Hawaii than wintry Montreal. The café-bar’s name is written in bold black letters… Keep Reading

(Christopher Li / The McGill Tribune)
Chill Thrills

Hidden hot chocolate at La Distributrice

Rich chocolate, anchored in bitter notes, is blended with robust, fruity coffee. On the tongue, La Distributrice’s decadent mocha is equivalent to a warm hug: An eco-friendly, locally-sourced hug.  Walking along the busy street of Mount Royal Avenue, one could easily miss the small window shop home to this delicious winter staple. Its stark white… Keep Reading

(L-A Benoit / The McGill Tribune)
Chill Thrills

Montreal’s Igloofest Turns 10

For most of North America, the arrival of low temperatures brings endless nights in and inspires excuses to avoid leaving the house. In Montreal, however, many face winter head on by embracing the cold and celebrating the harshest months of the year at winter-themed festivals. One of the most popular festivals in the city designed… Keep Reading

Paintings from Montreal’s artists adorn the gallery’s wall. (Courtesy of Fresh Paint Gallery)
Chill Thrills

Chill Thrills: Nuit Blanche—Fresh Paint Gallery

Nuit Blanche kicked off on Saturday, Feb. 28, marking the end of this year’s Montréal en Lumière. The month-long celebration of lights, food, arts, and culture concluded with a full day and night of free art installations, gallery showings, and live music. Nuit Blanche has historically been an event tailored to encourage the people of… Keep Reading

(Hayley Mortin / McGill Tribune)
Chill Thrills

Chill Thrills: Embracing the cold at Igloofest

As the New Year rolls in every year, Igloofest opens its doors to Montreal’s partygoers. Started in 2007, this winter music festival has attracted crowds to the city’s Old Port year after year, despite sub-zero temperatures. Hosted by Piknic Electronik and the Quays of the Old Port from Jan. 16 to Feb. 8, this four… Keep Reading

Bonhomme’s Ice Palace at Carnaval de Quebec. (Lesly Yao / McGill Tribune)
Chill Thrills

Chill Thrills: Keeping it cool at Carnaval de Quebec

Before midterms start to constrict your weekends, take a short trip off to Quebec City—the old, charming, and snowy provincial capital just a three-hour drive away. Every year, the city hosts Carnaval de Québec, one of the world’s largest winter festivals, going on from now until Feb. 15. Almost a million people attend the festival… Keep Reading

Cross-country skiing on Mont Royal. (Lesly Yao / McGill Tribune)
Chill Thrills

Chill Thrills: Mount Royal Park

The freezing cold that marks the end of January is also prime time to bundle up and head outdoors for fun in the snow. Luckily, the perfect triad of winter activities is located in Mount Royal Park, a mere twenty minute walk from Roddick Gates. Besides being a haven for nature-lovers in an otherwise urban… Keep Reading

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