Hot toddies for cold nights

Despite sounding like the stage name of a male stripper, the hot toddy is a classic hot beverage that’s perfect for cold weather. Whether you’re in the damp climate of Scotland (the toddy’s oft-cited birthplace) or enduring a – 30 degree day in Montreal, the hot toddy is the perfect way to prepare yourself for the chilly walk to the bar.

The classic champagne cocktail

Happy hour is a typical part of family life at my childhood best friend’s house, and her mother is an elegant woman who drinks her five’o’clock champagne cocktail religiously. Often sipped by leading ladies in classic black and white films – Bette Davis once famously said, “there comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne” – this sophisticated drink is a delicious relic of old Hollywood.

The only Irish coffee you’ll ever need

Irish coffee combines two of life’s greatest joys – caffeine and booze – in one convenient glass. The recipe below uses Jameson whiskey both because it’s delicious and tastes slightly sweet, which compliments the coffee very nicely. There are variations of this drink that include Bailey’s, crème de menthe, spices, decorative coffee beans, and lighting things on fire at strategic moments.