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The intimacies of internet language

Physically distanced from each other, our conversations with friends, family, and strangers are taking place predominantly in the cadences of text messages. While common sentiments warn that constant texting can harm relationships and make us ineloquent writers, frequent internet users know that online socialization is not a cause for despair. […]

Active days with McGill’s Movement Crew

It has been just over one year since much of the world entered COVID-19-related lockdown measures. This confinement has considerably reduced levels of physical activity, with medical experts raising concerns about the long-term public health consequences of increasing sedentary behaviour. The pandemic has also made finding internship opportunities—especially interactive and […]

‘Raising Spirits’ game uncovers 1950s McGill student life

While the McGill community remains geographically fragmented, the McGill Library’s alternate reality game Raising Spirits: A Timely Diversion invites students to converge virtually on campus sites and experience them anew. Featuring artifacts drawn from McGill’s library archives, the game resurrects marginalized figures from the university’s past and narrates their stories across […]

McGill Black Mentorship program fosters valuable connections

This past January, the McGill Black Alumni Association (MBAA) launched its newest initiative, the McGill Black Mentorship Program. Since the MBAA was founded in 2016, it has engaged McGill’s Black students by hosting several networking and professional support events. The Mentorship Program was spearheaded by MBAA co-founder Marilyn Ahun, (BA […]