Best Looks on Earth: Student Style at OAP

OAP is more than a back-to-school barbeque; it’s also the perfect opportunity to survey McGill’s unique brand of street style, which this year included an abundance of relaxed-fit pants, one-of-a-kind customized pieces, and lived-in sneakers.

The McGill Tribune spoke with OAP’s slickest students about their fashion inspirations, stories, and favourite pieces, as well as the stories behind their outfits.

Colette Griffiths, U2 (Arts) and Matilda Sjöberg-Fox, U2 (Arts) 

“I love to go to Value Village ‘cause I love a deal. All my stuff is thrifted besides my shoes, socks, and my underwear. I love the 2000’s [and] I like big shorts ‘cause they’re more comfortable. I like baggy stuff.”

“I really like wearing lingerie inspired clothing. I like breaking the […] boundaries of showing off your body and being comfortable in that, and I love seeing other women do that [….] I’m also a diehard baby pink lover, so I always try to incorporate it. [My shoes are] slip-on Converse slides.”

Julia Kechnie, U3 Arts and Paige Kechnie, U1 Arts

“I walked out of the house in a skirt and high heels, and […] I was like, I have to turn around, it’s OAP! So this is the outfit that I chose: Corduroy pants and a crop top and my Converse All-Stars.”

“I love good streetwear. [My Supreme bag is designed by] Mark Gonzales, […] a skateboarder from the 1980s [and] black denim goes with everything. I got my pink cords from Urban; […] I love a wide fit. [My shirt is] another skate brand, [and] I have this keychain around my neck that is Saint Laurent. It says ‘Addicted to Love,’ ‘cause I am. I got this hat [from Off the Hook] in Montreal, and it’s 40’s & Shorties, […]  another skate brand. I’ve got the pastels going on today, that’s the vibe. It’s a pretty day, blue sky, colorful outfit.”

Cristina Venegas, U3 International Development and Ethan Mendall, U2 Cognitive Science

“I unabashedly, unironically love [VSCO girl and e-girl culture]. I love stripes because it’s bisexual/queer girl culture. Horizontal stripes? Lesbian. Chapstick with your hair up in a bun? Queer. [I always wanted to invest in Levi’s,] so I figured, drop the money on [jeans] that are gonna last me a lifetime. And then high-tops because I want the women to know that I like women.”

“So I have always been looking for the perfect pair of overalls, [and I found these] thrifting, […] and they were phenomenal except they were bell-bottoms, so [I] spent 6-7 hours hand-sewing the two legs, [but I sewed them too tight]. I was really upset, like I [had] ruined the dreamiest overalls on the planet. I took them to [one tailor who] was like, absolutely not. So I went to a second tailor, […] thrifted a pair of jeans that were almost the exact same colour, and he [sewed them] in this triangular panel. I’m so grateful that it worked out because I have a perfect piece of clothing that I’m really happy about.”

Bronwyn Stang, U1 Management 

“My friend gave me [these jeans], and they looked really bad so I painted them. I was like ‘I don’t care,’ ‘cause I got them for free. This summer […] at work, I kept drawing these stars, so that’s why I did that, and the rest I just did whatever. These words on the back are in a bunch of different languages.” 

 Mitch Strong, U2 Psychology 

“[I got my hat when] I was visiting my brother, we were on St. Cat’s. The shirt is from a thrift shop in Bayfield, Wisconsin.”

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