Common campus sightings, decoded

Alex is spotted walking up rue university toward Milton Gates at 9 p.m.. He is holding an extra large Tim Horton’s cup and a bag of timbits.

What it means: Alex has not started studying for his exam, and it is now the night before. Alex will be spending a long night in McLennan.



There’s one empty carrel on the 6th floor of McLennan. There’s a folder sitting on the desk of the carrel.

What it means: That seat is not for you, it’s for Sally’s friend, who won’t be here for another three hours. Try the 5th floor.



It’s a brisk October day, and every seat is filled in your recorded 500-person Political Science lecture.

What it means: You forget your midterm was today. Good luck!



Beatrice is selling a “GENTLY USED” textbook on the McGill textbook exchange.

What it means: Beatrice did not open that textbook at all over the course of the semester, and she’s now reselling it in order to update her fall wardrobe.



You have a paper deadline for November 10th at midnight on your course syllabus.

What it means: Nov. 10 will be a long day. You’ll wake up early in the morning to begin your paper, skip all of your classes, and procrastinate all day until you eventually submit the assignment at 11:59 p.m.




A swarm of young students exits Leacock, most of which with samosa in hand.

What it means: Class just ended in Leacock 132, and there happened to be a Samosa sale going on in Leacock lobby. Don’t try to get one—the samosas are now completely gone.



Brian, a person from your Frosh group that you shared a few shots with on the bus to beach day, walking through the Y-Intersection.

What it means: You and Brian will avoid eye contact and will pretend not to know each other.

Illustrations by Arshaaq Jiffry for The McGill Tribune

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