Beyond the Back Page: A Podcast

(Alessandra Hechanova / McGill Tribune)


Episode 11 – The Olympics and the Martlets

Mayaz and Remi sit down with longtime Martlet Volleyball coach Rachele Beliveau to talk about the team, as well as her own  playing career, and her experience representing Canada in the 1984 Olympics.



Episode 10 – Out of the Woods

In anticipation of the 54th Annual Macdonald Campus Woodsmen competition, McGill’s Jessica Logan and Meaghan Dustin speak with Mayaz about the sport, their team, and the competition. Come out and see the action in person on Jan. 25 at McGill’s Macdonald Campus. For more information:


Episode 9 – Back in the Game

Mayaz and Remi are joined by Steven Lampert—a former Sports Editor and the Tribune’s current Production Manager—to discuss the big-name players returning from injury in the NBA this season, from Derrick Rose to Kobe Bryant.


Episode 8 – The reigning champions (Part II)

Mayaz Alam continues his conversation with McGill Lacrosse Coach Tim Murdoch, who discusses the approach that this year’s team has taken, and gives us a preview of the CUFLA Championships, being held Nov. 1-3 here at McGill. Go cheer on your Redmen in the semi-finals on Nov. 2 at 2:00 p.m. Tickets for students are $5, or pick up a weekend pass for only $10. For more information:


Episode 7 – The reigning champions (Part I)

In anticipation of the CUFLA National Championships, being held here at McGill on Nov. 1-3, Mayaz Alam sat down with Redmen Lacrosse Coach Tim Murdoch to learn about the history of the program, and the unique challenges that it faces—even as one of McGill’s most successful varsity teams. Listen to Part II on Thursday, Oct. 31

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