Tremblay scores twice in men’s hockey quarterfinal win

On Feb. 16, the McGill men’s hockey team (17-11) defeated the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) Ridgebacks (14-14) in an exciting 6-2 win to advance to the OUA semifinal round. In the rough-and-tumble affair, 12 players—including both teams’ goalies—received penalties. McGill dominated the game from the start. Just […]

10 things: Ugly uniforms through the years

1960-61 Denver Broncos With this uniform, the Denver Broncos made one thing clear: Sports teams should avoid brown and yellow. However, the Broncos went a step beyond the ugly colour combination by adding stripes on the pants and socks. While the pants were merely lacklustre, the striped socks may have […]

10 things: Powerful sports moments of 2018

North and South Korea enter Pyeongchang under a united flag For the first time since the Korean War, athletes from North and South Korea entered the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Games together under the Korean Unification flag. Despite its purely symbolic value, the act was a strong gesture of […]