Fall team previews: Redmen and Martlet Swimming

Redmen Swimming

The Redmen had a consistent 2014-2015 season, finishing 12th among men’s teams in the CIS Championships. Even more so than last year, the Redmen are relying on a predominantly rookie squad, with half of the swimmers being first years and only one senior swimmer, Loïc Chaubet, returning to the team. 17-year-old Kade Wist, the youngest swimmer in the RSEQ, has already brought home five gold and two silver medals for McGill after the first and second RSEQ University Cup meets. This influx of young swimmers hasn’t resulted in a rough learning curve for thus far for the Redmen. In fact, it may increase the team’s potential as the year goes on. If Wist and the remaining rookies can continue to improve on their solid start to the season, a top 10 finish at Nationals is not out of reach for the Redmen.

Martlet Swimming

Last season the Martlets finished eighth, just below their seventh place finish in the 2013-2014 season. Junior Simone Cseplo has taken over for senior Katie Caldwell as captain this year, and both members are poised to keep the team strong in the upcoming season. Already, Cseplo has qualified for National Championships and Caldwell, former RSEQ swimmer-of-the-year, has won one gold and three silver medals. Similar to the Redmen, the squad features many young swimmers and is already the second best team in the RSEQ. Look for the Martlets to knock on the door of the top five at the National Championships this year.

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