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Fight Band
Behind the Bench

Playing out of pride: The story of the McGill Fight Band

On a late night in 2006, Ted Smith and a few of his friends went out for drinks. The night led them to Bar des Pins, where they entered as buddies and emerged as a band—more specifically, the Fight Band—McGill Athletics’ leading pep squad. The Fight Band is a staple at McGill sporting events, using… Keep Reading

sports franchise
Behind the Bench

Behind the Bench: More than the franchise: The soft power of the sports business

The political agency of sports is often downplayed in popular conversation, if not totally ruled out. While scoring a goal from centre ice doesn’t exactly warrant a parliamentary medal, sport culture is fostering a growing liberalism. Furthermore, a desire from sporting entities to maintain a wide audience has the potential to affect social conditions, and… Keep Reading

Behind the Bench

Training for Super Smash Bros

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. has been a staple of many a childhood since the ’90s and beyond. Created by the legendary Masahiro Sakurai, “Smash” presents itself as a cuddly, kid-friendly fighting game wherein a greatest hits of Nintendo characters duke it out for supremacy by attempting to knock each other out of an arena. Past… Keep Reading

Behind the Bench

Behind the Bench: How fans shape ticket prices

The essence of fandom is hard to capture in words; fans tend to have a more familial connection to their favourite team than to other organizations or businesses. The emotions they invest into sports transcend those of any other service that is provided to the common person. Yet, the reality is that every sports team is… Keep Reading

Rooney rule
Behind the Bench

Behind the Bench: Rooney Rule Ramifications for Female Representation

Diversity and minority visibility in professional athletics has recently made international headlines, with the inauguration of new professional women’s sport leagues, such as the WNHL, the MLB implementing programs to increase female and minority job candidates, and new awards like the British Ethnic Diversity Sports Awards recognizing the diversity of elite athletes. Most recently, the… Keep Reading

Missouri football student activism
Behind the Bench

Behind the Bench: Athletes as activists

Following weeks of protests over racial tensions at the University of Missouri, dozens of members of the school’s football team announced that they would not practice or play in any games until members of the university administration resigned. Within days, the president of the multi-campus university system stepped down, and the chancellor of the main… Keep Reading

Zack Kassian
Behind the Bench

The NHL has a character crisis

“Character” and “leadership” are terms thrown around a lot in professional hockey. Hockey culture expects players to fit into a specific mold of physical and mental toughness, applauding those who play through pain and injuries. Unfortunately, these expectations can condone violent, harmful behaviour while castigating players for things outside of their control. It’s becoming increasingly… Keep Reading

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