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Josh Donaldson and Mike Trout fight

Point Counterpoint: AL MVP Debate

The AL MVP debate has the Tribune Sports baseball experts charged up. Adrian Knowler thinks Josh Donaldson has the award locked down, but Sason Ross is not ready to count defending MVP Mike Trout out of the conversation. Click each perspective to read more Josh Donaldson Adrian Knowler At this time last year, the American… Keep Reading

New England Patriots Deflategate

ICYMI: Summer sports roundup

Blue Jays heat up After a mediocre finish in 2014 for the Toronto Blue Jays, the team is on its  way to securing a post-season spot this fall after an impressive summer showing. Trade deadline acquisition David Price has been tremendous on the mound, boasting the seventh-best ERA in the MLB. Meanwhile, third baseman Josh… Keep Reading


Noah Syndergaard’s MLB debut in perspective

New York Mets top prospect Noah Syndergaard made his highly anticipated Major League debut last Tuesday night in Chicago, coming away with a loss. The former Blue Jays prospect’s devastating potential and lack of experience was clear during his debut. He held the Chicago Cubs scoreless through five innings, demonstrating blazing speed on his fastball… Keep Reading


Baseball returns to the ‘Big O’ for annual exhibition series

Nobody cares about attendance during Spring Training—or at least, nobody is supposed to. Each year MLB teams take a trip to either Florida or Arizona to prepare for the upcoming season. Pitchers and catchers report to camp around mid-February, with position players joining them a couple weeks later. The pre-season starts up around the beginning… Keep Reading

parc jeanne mance milton parc volleyball

10 Things: Canada’s Summer sports scene

1) Pan Am Games Toronto, Ontario will be the host of the 17th Pan American Games, a multi-sport international event similar to the Olympics. This year, there will be athletes from 41 nations that span North, Central, and South America in what will be the largest sporting event ever held in Canada. The Games will… Keep Reading

Changing the game: Spicing up Major League Baseball

With MLB’s attendance levels and television ratings on the decline, baseball’s new commissioner Rob Manfred has unveiled a controversial set of rule changes intended to speed up the pace of play and broaden the appeal of America’s pastime. The Tribune Sports section weighs in. Not-so-sweet relief t’s happening more and more every season, and it… Keep Reading


10 Things: Spring training

1) Billy Goat snuff From the Billy Goat curse to the Bartman incident, the Chicago Cubs have known nothing but despair and ineptitude for over 100 years. Plug in Jon Lester, Jason Hammel, Miguel Montero, and Dexter Fowler to go along with Joe Maddon behind the bench, and this could be the year the Cubs… Keep Reading


Point Counterpoint: 2014 MLB World Series Preview

The McGill Tribune takes a look at the 2014 MLB World Series. Two writers square off to predict whether it’s the San Francisco Giants or the Kansas City Royals who have what it takes to bring home the trophy. Click each perspective to read more San Francisco Giants Elie Waitzer OFFENCE: The Giants’ lineup isn’t stacked with big… Keep Reading


Dusk of the pinstripes

I never got to see Mr. October or the Great Bambino, but one day when my children ask me if I ever got to see Mr. November step into the box, I’ll tell them about that night. Keep Reading

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