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Diversify the strategy against higher tuition

McGill Tribune The Quebec government’s recently tabled proposal to gradually increase in-province university tuition from $2,168 to $3,793—which would still make it 30 per cent lower than the present Canadian average—has predictably raised the ire of activists who favour free education for all, and engendered promises of walk-outs, demonstrations, and […]

Cathal Rooney-Céspedes

After much deliberation, the Tribune endorses Cathal Rooney-Céspedes for the position of Students’ Society president. Although we were divided on the decision, the majority of the editorial board ultimately believes he will be most effective in implementing needed changes within SSMU. He is a candidate that understands the limitations of […]

The Trib’s General Assembly Endorsements

McGill Tribune Resolution Regarding AUS Fundraiser—YES This resolution mandates that SSMU conduct a bake sale to raise funds for the AUS. The latter has had serious financial difficulties, many of which cannot be blamed on the the current executives. While the Tribune realizes that the motion is being put forward […]

SSMU Candidate Interviews

STEFAN LINK How will your past experience influence your approach to the presidential portfolio? I have always been looking at the basic student services that affect the majority of people. So in the Physics Society, I knew that the math department had a really functional help desk that lots of students use and I didn’t understand why physics didn’t have a similar service, so I just wanted to start something similar for the physics people, and I did.