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Third year: the final countdown

McGill Tribune You know you’re in third-year when a) Most of your friends are caffeine addicts, and b) All your friends have anxiously started muttering phrases like “damn internships” and “admissions GPA” under their breath. Days of first-year bliss, when hitting the bib for 30 minutes on a Saturday would […]

Squirrel-watching Underreported

McGill Tribune Describing his main goals on the Students’ Society of McGill University website, President Zach Newburgh writes: “Let’s build community together by being socially-conscious, politically-aware, while vibrant in all areas of student interest.” This is a platform that I as a columnist respect and support. I find it a […]

Sex Games

On average, Canadians have sex 150 times a year, placing us fourth in the world. From that initial come-hither glance to the frustrating rules and the gratifying end, The McGill Tribune explores our obsession with one of the nation’s favourite pastimes. You gots to be a playa, man” proclaims Master P.

SSMU Election Endorsement: VP Internal – Tom Fabian

Tom Fabian has both experience and connections, which is why the Tribune is endorsing him for the position of vice-president internal – with some reservations. Fabian has extensive experience with Athletics. He’s been the president of the Varsity Council, represented athletics at SSMU Council, and created the surprisingly successful group Red Thunder, which organizes fan support for McGill games.

Letters from the Editors

If you spend a lot of time complaining about McGill for its lack of or poorly run programs and student life, you would be a hypocrite to not vote YES for the Tribune’s independence. Okay, hypocrite’s a bit strong. But the point is, I spent a lot of time complaining about just that over my time at McGill.