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Don’t Knock the Floppy

Different generations can’t understand each other when it comes to technology. When older professors discuss the joys of computer programming on punched cards, I nod periodically and feign interest, but secretly send texts under the table. Soon enough, however, it will be us spouting technological trivialities on the next generation’s […]

Laurin Liu at the Science and Policy Exchange (Cassandra Rogers / McGill Tribune)

Third annual Science and Policy Exchange

On Friday, Sept. 14, a group of graduate students, professors, policy-makers, and entrepreneurs gathered in the McGill Faculty Club ballroom to attend the third annual Science  and Policy Exchange. The conference featured panel speakers from government, industry, and academia. The sessions covered three topics: sustainable policymaking, the 2014 health care […]

Cigarette images may cause cravings for some. (

Some smokers’ genes make it harder to kick the habit

According to Health Canada, approximately 37,000 deaths each year in Canada can be attributed to tobacco use, racking up $4.4 billion in hospital bills. Although the adverse health effects of smoking are well-known—thanks in part to the government’s anti-smoking campaigns—many have difficulty quitting, despite a variety of available cessation drugs. […]