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Getting a nose into research: interview with Maral Saghaei

Known for its excellence in research, McGill University is home to a host of professors and scientists known for their prestigious work and contributions to scientific innovation. In tribute to the amazing research conducted within McGill’s walls, SciTech will feature each month student researchers who have helped contribute to the cutting edge science conducted at the laboratories. This series hopes to shine a spotlight onto the hard work of undergraduate students who dedicate themselves to research in the lab.

App review: LeftoverSwap

“You’re hungry. And cheap. We understand.” This is the motto of LeftoverSwap, a new app created to facilitate the exchange of leftovers between members of the community. The app allows ‘leftover givers’ to snap a picture of what food they cannot finish, name it, and share it with other members […]

What determines your drinking gene?

As an equal mix of Chinese and Irish, I had a 50/50 shot at enjoying the stereotypical Irish drinking culture. Unfortunately, I was never able to fully participate due to my inability to handle a large amount of alcohol. Curiously, this has a little less to do with my lifestyle, and a lot to do with my Asian ancestors’ solution to clean water hundreds of years ago.