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Why You Should Eat More Curry

What exactly is Alzheimer’s? Often referred to as “Old timer’s disease,” Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that affects nearly 36 million people worldwide. It causes problems with memory, thinking and behaviour, and is classified as a progressive illness, which means that symptoms will gradually worsen over time. Whereas someone […]

Nanowires, like the one at center, could stimulate technological advances in computing. (

Nano advances poised to change everyday technology

In the ‘nanoworld’ a human hair is huge: roughly 100,000 nanometres in diameter. Dr. Peter Grütter, a McGill University physics professor, has committed himself to understanding the miniscule realm of nanotechnology. Dr. Grütter’s group develops microscopes used for research in the emerging field of nanoelectronics—tiny computers that use the nanometre […]