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Building a house out of French fries seems like a bad idea, but fried potatoes and lumber are, chemically, very similar. Only one bond distinguishes the food we enjoy from the wood with which we build. Potatoes, made from starches, and lumber, made from cellulose, are both derived from the […]

App Reviews

Better Me For those who have trouble making their 8:30 a.m. classes, ‘BetterMe’ provides a fun and ingenious way to wake up in the morning. The app is based on a simple idea—post a status update on your Facebook profile each time you hit that dreaded snooze button. Essentially, ‘BetterMe’ […]

This Week in Research

Earth-like planets If extraterrestrial life does exist in outer space, planet KOI-172.02 is a good candidate to host life similar to that on Earth. Using the Kepler space telescope to find planets, scientists at NASA have detected at least 17 billion Earth-like planets surrounding Sun-like stars in the Milky Way. […]