The Final Water Cooler

It was, as usual, a great year in sports.

On the home front, the Redbirds won the national baseball championships, the Redmen hockey team made it all the way to the final, and the Martlet hockey team went undefeated in CIS competition to win another National Championship.

On the professional side of things, the Decision happened, which, whether or not you agreed with it, or wanted to blow your brains out after listening to months of media coverage rehashing it, has already had huge implications for the direction of the NBA—for example, the ‘Melo drama in New York.

In football, we saw the resurgence of TitleTown, as Aaron Rodgers eradicated Green Bay’s memories of a certain retired(?) QB.

Tiger Woods returned to the public eye, and turned terrible at golf. The Giants won the pennant for the first time since 1954. Even better, and (perhaps) more importantly, cricket-driven diplomacy erupted between India and Pakistan as the two countries’ prime ministers watched their teams’ 2011 World Cup semifinal match side-by-side.

Some narratives were a little more melancholy. The indomnitable UConn women’s team lost, twice—dispelling my childish belief in the invincible. The dark spectre of headshots and resulting concussions looms a little larger over both the NFL and the NHL.

But if one thing was consistently great it was you, the fans. Thanks for reading. We love you. ‘Til next time—Adieu.

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