The ongoing abortion debate

McGill Tribune There is something enormously wrong with older men having the power when it comes to state laws regarding abortion. This idea is perfectly clear considering the recent bill passed by the North Dakota House of Representatives. One of the most disgusting aspects of this story is that while […]

Maggie Knight – President

How will your experience with SSMU influence your approach if you are elected? I’m very aware of the fact that many students don’t understand SSMU. We need to be making ourselves much more accessible in a variety of ways to reach a variety of audiences. I think there’s a big […]


TVMcGill is the only on-campus television media service run by volunteering students on a non-profit basis. TVMcGill aims to become an intricate part of the McGill community by working hard to provide entertainment, news and media services for the McGill community. With ever increasing demand from student groups asking for our services, we need […]

Midnight Kitchen-Yes

Please note that the Midnight Kitchen Yes Campaign has been sanctioned for putting up unapproved campaign posters.  By voting yes to increase the fee levy for Midnight Kitchen by $1, you are supporting diverse and affordable student-run food options on McGill campus. You are making it possible for Midnight Kitchen […]

Around the Water Cooler

Women’s volleyball A crushing defeat to Sherbrooke in the Quebec bronze medal match ended McGill’s bid to win a wild card and qualify for the CIS championship this year. Despite posting a perfect four and zero record against the Vert et Or in regular season play, the Martlets were swept […]

Too cool for school

McGill Tribune It’s no secret that our campus isn’t always a cheery oasis of bustling students whistling as they work. We rarely move from classroom to cafeteria with a hop, skip, and a “Howdy, partner.” Ours is a place where acrimony rules the student council, academic competition trumps academic enrichment, […]

Carmelo Apple

Some sports’ trade deadlines arrive with a ton of hype and coverage, but rarely a trade that’s actually interesting, *cough* NHL *cough*. The NBA trade deadline is not one of those lame ducks, and 2011 was no exception. In fact, the 2011 deadline was one of the craziest in recent […]