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Seventh global food security conference addresses present challenges

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, the McGill Institute for Global Food Security organized its seventh annual conference. Journalists, NGOs, scholars, and students gathered to discuss this year’s theme, Food Security Beyond 2015. Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa The conference opened with a lecture by Professor Stephen McGurk, vice-president of the Program and Partnership […]

First malaria vaccine en route for 2015

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Malaria causes an estimated 660,000 deaths each year worldwide. Presently, there is no available vaccine for this mosquito-borne disease—only preventative measures, such as bed nets, insecticides, and anti-malarial pills, which have had a limited effect. However, in a considerable step forward, the British […]

Rethinking the role of the academic senate

As hearings concerning Canadian Senate reform begin today, McGill has begun a process to consider the  reform of its own academic senate. Across Canada, academics, students, and professionals alike are engaging in discussion about the Senate’s role at universities. At McGill, these concerns may soon lead to change; at the […]

Point counterpoint

With the National Football League (NFL) moving into the second half of its 2013 season, neither the American Football Conference (AFC) nor the National Football Conference (NFC) has a runaway favourite to win the league. Two contributors weigh in on which conference boasts the most talent in a league renowned […]