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Secret gardens

There are two seasons in Montreal: Winter and construction, or so goes the decades-old adage uttered by so many bitter locals. Save for its all-too-short summer, the city can often feel like a harsh and even inhospitable place to live. Given that its human residents often feel beaten down by […]

covid-19 illustration

Keep your distance: students must respect social distancing

  Over the last week, the spread of COVID-19 has drastically altered the lives of the McGill community. As we enter the second week of the university’s comprehensive shutdown, the McGill administration has consistently communicated about how to slow the disease’s spread. In addition to cancelling all in-person instruction for […]

HIIT it off at home

With the coronavirus pandemic leaving many stuck at home, the last thing on some students’ minds is exercise. However, according to Medline, taking a quick break from sitting at your desk all day can help improve your mood and get you out of your bed. One way to stay fit […]