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Letter to the editor: Crowdfunding and austerity

Thank you for your thoughtful editorial on the relationship between philanthropy and government funding (“When austerity strikes, McGill turns to crowdfunding,” Feb. 9). I agree wholeheartedly with your central argument that fundraising – whether through crowdfunding or other mechanisms – is no substitute for a government funding model that fully […]

Editorial: For a 21st Century education, McGill must focus on the present

The plans for the new McLennan-Redpath library, referred to as Fiat Lux, are ambitious. Although the university hopes that this impressive crystalline addition will epitomize the 21st century, propelling the university into modernity will take more than a shiny design. The most wide-ranging consultation with students took place on whiteboards […]

Editorial: Contradictory policy in Quebec will enable hate, not protect from radicalization

Cases of xenophobia and Islamophobia have erupted across Canada. Since the terrorist attacks in Paris, a mosque in Peterborough, ON. was set on fire, two Muslim women were targeted on public transportation in Toronto, and a Quebec man has been arrested for threatening to kill an Arab every week. In […]

Editorial: Unmoderated online culture has become unsustainable in SSMU elections

Candidates for any elected position may anticipate mudslinging, as it is part and parcel of any campaigning process; however, harassment to the point of dropping out is unacceptable, especially at the student level. This harassment does not necessarily take place between campaign teams—it plays out in online forums where anyone, […]

Editorial: Reimagining SSMU to ensure future sustainability

In the past six months, the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) has been without the director of its daycare program, faced the resignation of its recently-hired general manager, and most recently witnessed the resignation of the vice-president (VP) Internal. Soon, SSMU’s building manager will be going on paternity leave. […]

Letter to the Editor: Not enough weeks in a year

Last week, The Tribune published an opinion piece "Too many weeks in a year," in which Norman Yallen questioned the effectiveness of Anti-Austerity Week, Indigenous Awareness Week, and Divest McGill’s Fossil Free Week. Yallen lamented the apathy of McGill students, argued that such week-long campaigns do little to encourage involvement. The […]