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Our fragmented campus

A term we often hear from time to time—sometimes in the pages of this newspaper—is the idea of the “McGill Community.” While this works best as a tidy phrase to lump together disparate stakeholders—students, faculty, employees, the administration, and alumni—in  most instances, there is no such “McGill community,” so much […]

Tom Fabian – VP Internal: B+

Vice-President Internal Tom Fabian’s accomplishments are worth recognizing. First, Fabian managed to reconcile the interests of the administration and those of students to successfully lay the groundwork for a revamped Orientation Week. He also successfully organized the Students’ Society’s first Homekoming and revived Faculty Olympics. Although attendance at both events […]

Monika Fabian

Both candidates for the VP clubs and services position are well-qualified and demonstrate the necessary requirements for the position. Ultimately, however, we have more confidence in Monika Fabian, and endorse her for the role. Fabian spent the past year as SSMU interest groups coordinator, a position that has traditionally, though […]