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An article published on November 8, 2016 incorrectly stated that Nick Bent plays front row. In fact he plays back row. The Tribune regrets the error. An article published on September 27, 2016 incorrectly stated that Brooklyn Dodgers's last World Series championship was in 1959. However, they moved to Los Angeles in 1957. Their last championship in Brooklyn was actually in […]

Off the blackboard

In 1999, McGill’s World of Chemistry professors digitized around 6,000 35 mm slides to implement the lecture recording system (LRS) now employed in over 350 courses for about 50,000 students on campus. In 2011, the first Lorne Trottier Lecture Symposium was conducted, taking full advantage of the power conferred by […]

(Wendy Chen / McGill Tribune)

Neither a lender nor a borrower be: Financing McGill theatre

McGill dramatists are, by necessity and by definition, a passionate group. Unpaid as student artists, unrecognized in a frequently desolate and fine arts-free environment, passion is often all they have. Despite these conditions, they have thrived. Productions that fly under the radar still sell out. Shows rivaling those on professional […]