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This summer, don’t miss out on these releases Right now you’re probably at a crossroads. On the one hand, you’re excited about the upcoming summer’s entertainment possibilities, but on the other you’re worried that the Tribune won’t be here to guide your entertainment selection process. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about that, so you’ll just […]

Srinagar: Capital of Conflict in Kashmir

Since the end of British rule in India in 1947, a territorial dispute between Pakistan and India has left the Kashmir Valley in continuous conflict. Despite some political divisions in the population, which is predominantly Muslim, the majority of Kashmiris want independence from India, and would like to see the regions of Jammu and Kashmir become a single, independent state.

The Indian government has worked hard to find solutions to this serious internal crisis, especially after pro-independence demonstrations erupted this past summer. Every effort to calm Kashmiris has proven futile, resulting in further unrest in the disputed territories.