SSMU Election Endorsement: VP Internal – Tom Fabian

Tom Fabian has both experience and connections, which is why the Tribune is endorsing him for the position of vice-president internal – with some reservations.

Fabian has extensive experience with Athletics. He’s been the president of the Varsity Council, represented athletics at SSMU Council, and created the surprisingly successful group Red Thunder, which organizes fan support for McGill games. While he will need to expand beyond Athletics as VP internal, maintaining a strong focus on sports is something that could be beneficial. At the debates, Fabian displayed a willingness to entertain issues beyond athletics and varsity council, and as long as he reaches out to other groups across campus, he will be a competent VP internal.

Fabian’s participation at Council, however, has been poor. While he has strong experience with events and organization, he will need to grow into the political aspects of the role.

And Marta Gruntmane? She planned her prom.

Gruntmane claims to be running for VP internal because she “loves McGill” – but unfortunately, that’s not enough to qualify her for the position. She has limited experience with university-level leadership, both in general, and with SSMU in particular – her history as a Douglas Hall house representative and with high-school-level organizations are underwhelming for a VP internal candidate.

Her interest in a sustainable Frosh and increased SSMU executive visibility seems well intentioned but uninformed, as some of her goals have already been implemented and many others are non-specific. Fabian also expressed interest in a sustainable Frosh, and has some small-scale experience with starting the “slam dunk your junk” initiative for recycling bins after athletics events.

Both candidates also have welcome ideas about Gert’s: Gruntmane would like to see something similar to Week 101 in the Fall, while Fabian likes the remodeling ideas and would like to see more athletics-centered Gert’s events.

The Tribune has concerns over both candidates’ familiarity with the portfolio beyond event planning. Neither seems to understand, for example, the level of involvement of SSMU execs at Frosh – from the planning to the twenty-hour workdays during Frosh week. Nor do they acknowledge much beyond party planning – the position is VP internal, not VP events.

Additionally, a large part of this position is communication, negotiation, and dealing with complaints. We have reservations about both candidates’ ability to do this, since neither is particularly articulate, but feel that Fabian is more likely to succeed in this aspect of the role.

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