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Getting a seat: The struggle of course registration at McGill

For McGill students, getting into a crowded course often takes more ambition and artistry than the class itself. Securing a spot might require skipping one class to head to another professor’s office hours, refreshing Minerva every two minutes, or carving hours out of a busy schedule to sit in line for a meeting with an… Keep Reading


The optics of gun violence in Canada

Living in Canada, I’ve never thought of guns as a particularly divisive issue. As far back as I can remember having an opinion, my politics on the subject have mostly aligned with those of most of my country’s citizens, and I’ve always been thankful for this. But lately, I’ve been wondering about the optics of… Keep Reading


McGill needs to support its Saudi students

This past August, thousands of Saudi students living in Canada had their futures derailed when the Saudi government ordered them to leave Canada and suspended government-funded scholarships to Canadian schools. The measures are a result of a political feud between Canada and Saudi Arabia, sparked by a tweet from the Global Affairs Canada account calling… Keep Reading


What is an “internship?”

For me, and hopefully for many other McGill students, this academic year is all about honesty. School is difficult; let’s talk about it. I’m saying goodbye to “everything’s fine.” No more plastering a fake smile over my insecurities. I’m done with pretending. This year is about finding strength in vulnerability, which is why I’m taking… Keep Reading

The Tribune’s top-10 most read Op-Eds of the 2017-2018 school year

Editor’s note: The McGill Tribune compiled a list of the top-10 most read Opinion articles of the 2017-18 year, reflecting, among other things, a year of controversial Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) action, growing discussion around the pervasiveness of sexual assault on university campuses and beyond, and continued criticism of the McGill administration’s shortcomings when… Keep Reading


Piecing together my McGill puzzle

Growing up, university was the light at the end of my tunnel. My family, friends, and teachers always pushed the idea that at university, I would find a place for myself where I would fit in perfectly—that I was a unique jigsaw piece yet to find the rest of its puzzle. University seemed like this… Keep Reading

Campus Conversation: First year residence—a house or a home?

Editor’s note: For many McGill students, the first campus community that they encounter is in residence. The McGill Tribune Opinion section asked contributors to draw on their personal experiences living in residence (or not), to answer the question, “Do McGill residences facilitate community-building, and if so, how?” Bryan Buraga | Lucas Bird | Kyle Dewsnap | Gabriel Rincon Gardner Hall… Keep Reading

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