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“Hey, so I did a thing…”

I found out that I was pregnant on the same night that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. The euphoria of my hometown’s victory was accompanied by a devastating plus-sign on a pee stick. I was 17-years-old. The morning after, I called Planned Parenthood and set up an appointment for an abortion the next… Keep Reading

Where are you from? Simple questions don't always have simple answers. (Abeer Almahdi / The McGill Tribune)

Where are you from?

Back at my international high school in Tokyo, I could answer this seemingly simple question with, “I was born in Canada, but I was raised in Japan,” and that would be that. Many of my friends answered with two or three countries and it seemed like a perfectly-appropriate reply. However, my answer became complicated when… Keep Reading

Letter to the Editor: No, there is no “quest for monolingual domination” in Québec

Letter to the Editor: There is no “quest for monolingual domination” in Québec

On Sept. 18, The McGill Tribune published an opinion piece titled “Quebec’s quest for monolingual domination makes healthcare less accessible.” In this article, the author made dubious and confusing links between Bill 10, font changes on information signs at Saint Mary’s hospital, and what he described as “Quebec’s quest for monolingual domination.” We, the Francophone newspaper Le… Keep Reading

The Cannabis Act, which legalizes marijuana possession, comes into effect Oct. 17. (Winnie Lin / The McGill Tribune)

Quebec is legalizing cannabis—barely

Legal marijuana is set to hit stores and online markets country-wide in less than a month, and many Canadians are eagerly awaiting this change. Amidst the excitement, Quebec is taking a sideways attitude toward legalization. Quebec’s hesitance to embrace the benefits of legal cannabis has resulted in half-baked rules and regulations regarding the product. By… Keep Reading

Straws and stir sticks make up only three per percent of garbage in the ocean.

Straws aren’t the problem

A consensus has emerged: Plastic straws are bad. But the reasons why these flimsy cylinders of plastic are suddenly (not) at the tip of everyone’s tongues may not stand up to scrutiny. It’s comforting to see that McGill’s favourite neighbourhood spots are distancing themselves from the recently tabooed straw, but it also raises some questions… Keep Reading


Toward a more democratically engaged student body

In six days, universities across the province—McGill included—will be cancelling classes for Quebec’s  provincial election day. Many students may already be making plans to enjoy the cool fall weather or catch up on the classes they missed during add/drop. Considerably fewer may be actively planning to vote. But, enjoying the long weekend and fulfilling civic… Keep Reading

Good fences make good neighbours—right? (Sabrina Girard Lamas / The McGill Tribune)

Tolerate thy neighbour

I don’t consider myself to be a selfish or ignorant person. I take some pride in keeping up to date with current events, because I think it’s important to know what’s going on around me. I’m even prouder of the fact that I know most everything there is to know about the people who belong… Keep Reading


You are what you eat

Dairy, fish, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, tree nuts, peanuts, and shellfish. Seven rules for feeding me, or rather, what not to feed me—seven allergens that are ingrained in my memory. This list is a part of who I am. And no, it’s not easy navigating the world of food with a list of allergies like… Keep Reading

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