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Unlucky inheritance

There are many things in my life that I’ve accepted as inevitable: Breaking a bone, teenage heartbreak, and failing a final exam, for example, I have a strange sense that those events are predetermined. This may be symptomatic of a childhood spent in front of a television—each event in my life seems to fit an… Keep Reading


Bhalla vs. Bird: Are ghosts real?

It’s time to rehash a classic Halloween controversy: Are ghosts real? Contributors Sanchi Bhalla and Lucas Bird duke it out. The case for ghosts – Sanchi Bhalla History is littered with tales of ghosts, spirits, and spooky happenings. McGill itself is home to one of the most haunted streets in Montreal, Rue McTavish, second only… Keep Reading


Recognizing the successes that come from failure

I almost dropped out of high school in my sophomore year. I was failing three classes, and my already unstable mental health was suffering under the weight of academic pressure. However, I knew that these academic shortcomings, as awful as they felt, would not define my whole life. My boss at the comic book store… Keep Reading


Corporate culture, as seen on TV

Popular media offers a vivid portrayal of modern corporate culture, but I didn’t expect it to translate so literally to my experience at my first tech internship this previous summer.  It was nothing short of jarring to recognize so many phrases I had previously only heard from the mouth of Jared on HBO’s Silicon Valley.… Keep Reading

The folly of school spirit

Home is where the hoco isn’t

McGill homecoming has come and gone, unappreciated and hardly attended. Many students lament this apparent lack of pride and the absence of support for athletics at McGill, while most are simply apathetic. But, university homecomings are not really about pride in athletics: They’re about partying. When McGill students decry our lack of school spirit, they’re… Keep Reading

Free speech

Free speech protects all ideologies, not just conservatism

The 2018 Campus Freedom Index (CFI) bestowed the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) an F grade for its lack of free speech protections and a C for its political practices in 2018. The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom (JCCF) sponsors the CFI, an annual assessment of the successes and failures of campus free speech… Keep Reading


Deromanticizing academic passion

There’s a chance that you don’t have a passion. Or at least not one easily consolidated into an academic discipline. That’s okay. Countless others probably don’t either. According to a study by researchers from Stanford University, use of the encouragement to simply ‘find your passion’ has increased in frequency in recent years. Many students have… Keep Reading

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