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Letter to the Editor: No, there is no “quest for monolingual domination” in Québec

Letter to the Editor: A support system for student athletes

I am writing in response to the December 5, 2018, Tribune article entitled “Swim team members allege an unhealthy athletic atmosphere.” While I cannot speak to the individual experiences of the quoted students, I feel it is important to fill in the article’s incomplete picture of the support system McGill offers its 700+ student-athletes. It… Keep Reading


Pork before synagogue: Growing up at a cultural crossroads

Born in Queens, my mom was raised in Westchester county, New York, a predominantly-Jewish area surrounded by fellow first and second-generation Ashkenazi relatives. Meanwhile, my Arkansas-born father was growing up with Methodist parents who have deep southern roots and distant Scottish ancestry. So, when they married in 1992, a strange mixture of culture, custom, and… Keep Reading


How to quit smoking like an existentialist

“I’m just going to use it to get through finals, but during Christmas break I’m going to quit.” This is how I explained my foolproof plan to abandon my Juul to my housemate at the end of last year. I do this with almost all the promises I make to myself; reaffirming a plan by… Keep Reading


Prioritizing culture and colour in mental health services

On Jan. 30, many McGill students’ social media feeds will overflow with posts tagged with #BellLetsTalk. An initiative started by the telecommunications company to increase awareness about mental health, Bell’s “Let’s Talk” event is a day when people can use their social media platforms to raise money for mental health awareness by using the designated… Keep Reading


Post-Graduate Student Society (PGSS) Executive Midterm Reviews

Helena Zakrzewski, Secretary-General Zakrzewski ran on a platform of improving mental health services for graduate students, increasing support for international students, and re-engaging society members. Over the past semester, she has overseen and supported the initiatives of other PGSS councillors while undertaking an extensive evaluation of PGSS governance bodies. Zakrzewski initiated and secured funding for… Keep Reading


On activism and Jewish identity

On Dec. 3, I participated in a demonstration as part of IfNotNow Montreal (INN). The rally consisted of a small group of Jewish activists, most of them McGill students, who held posters displaying statistics about the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. INN is a Jewish organization that advocates to end North American… Keep Reading

The committee on teaching staff-student relationships has failed students

The Ad Hoc Senate Committee for Teaching Staff-Student Relationships was created to respond to widespread student concerns over how McGill deals with abuses of power in the wake of last year’s winter semester walk-out. The committee was tasked with making non-binding recommendations to Senate which would address McGill’s obligations vis-à-vis intimate relationships between teaching staff… Keep Reading

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