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More face-time with profs not so bad

McGill Tribune At council this week, VP (University Affairs) Josh Abaki discussed his goal of limiting “contact hours”—lectures, conferences, and other face time between professors and students. He hopes to reduce contact hours from the current 39 hours per course per semester to 36, an amount more standard across Canadian […]

Confront, don’t sanitize the American past

McGill Tribune Issues of censorship, freedom of speech, and political correctness being major concerns of the Tribune, we were alarmed to read that Alan Gribben, a prominent American Mark Twain scholar and Harvard professor, will be re-issuing the classic novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn with two small changes: the […]

Common courtesy not so common

There are ¬many complaints I can lodge against McGill students. They’re loud in the libraries, they insist on handing out flyers at the Milton gates, and they have a chronic inability to distinguish recyclables from non-recyclables. The list goes on and on, and as many people can attest, I have […]

Health care gets personal

Most Canadians perceive general flaws in the country’s health care system, but report positive individual experiences. Until recently, I counted myself among those who held this idea: I knew there were gaps in the system, but had always received excellent care. I strongly believed that despite these gaps, Canada’s public […]

The failures of “fail”

We’ve all seen it happen before. You dropped some books or spilt your coffee only to have your irritation and slight embarrassment punctuated by some giddy opportunist chiming in with a cringe worthy four-letter f-word: “Fail!” Aside from being grammatically incorrect, the real problem is the term’s origin. What was […]

De-classy-fy BDP!

There are few places in Montreal that feel like home. Bars, mostly. One has such a special place in my heart that when it went through a renovation last year, I was nearly distressed. Would my favourite bar change? Would it become a spot where I was no longer welcome? […]