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New committee a victory for students

McGill Tribune There is a brand new committee at McGill: the Student Consultation and Communication Work Group.  Created by Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning) Morton Mendelson, the group’s mandate is to “broadly consider, and make recommendations about, the methods used to consult and communicate with our students.”  At least […]

The problem of carrying capacity

McGill Tribune In the face of growing fears concerning global climate change, and the possible repercussions we may experience, the idea that the human population has grown too large is one that is gaining acceptance.  Meanwhile, politicians are playing word games, relying on semantics to assure us that this is […]

QPIRG abuses its mandate

McGill Tribune Walking through the Quebec Public Interest Research Group building is like stepping into a different world. Posters entitled “No Olympics on Stolen Land,” “No to Canada-U.S. Imperialism,” and Middle East maps without Israel deck the walls of their hallways. QPIRG is a student-funded organization that collects tens of […]

Burger wrong on QPIRG opt-out Fee

McGill Tribune Spencer Burger, Faculty of Arts representative to the Students’ Society, ran for his position and was ultimately elected on a platform of transparency, creativity, and principled leadership. As an Arts and Science student represented in part by Councillor Burger, I would like him to be transparent about his […]

Under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh

Umbrellas amaze me.  They’re just one of those inventions that make you stop and wonder.  They aren’t as mind-blowing as, say, photocopiers—they staple and collate!—or mirrors that don’t fog up in the shower. But still, umbrellas are awesome. For one thing, there’s their ubiquity. I always thought that the inevitable […]

Obama harshing on my mellow

Reclining on my couch a few nights ago after a long day at the Trib office, I exhaled deeply upon reading the news that the Obama Administration will continue enforcing federal drug laws in the state of California even if its voters next month pass Proposition 19. If passed, this […]

The Trib’s General Assembly Endorsements

McGill Tribune Resolution Regarding AUS Fundraiser—YES This resolution mandates that SSMU conduct a bake sale to raise funds for the AUS. The latter has had serious financial difficulties, many of which cannot be blamed on the the current executives. While the Tribune realizes that the motion is being put forward […]

A loss for the UN

After two rounds of voting last Tuesday, Canada withdrew its bid for a temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council, a seat which it deserved to win. It was the first time in over 50 years that Canada did not win its campaign for a seat. Canada not only […]

Quit acting like a brat

It’s your first year, and you’re excited. In high school, you were the actor. That’s how people knew you. You were in all the school plays, and you received rewards, recognition, and bouquets. To improve your craft, you have come to McGill, where you actually get to interact with people […]