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Learning to network

It’s only when standing in a room full of strangers that you realize networking is not at all as easy as it seems. In fact, it might be the hardest thing a young professional has to do, and unfortunately, one of the most important things McGill doesn’t teach us. Last […]

SSMU should reconsider new equity policy

McGill Tribune Last week, the Students’ Society Legislative Council updated the 2008 version of the equity policy. There are problems with certain parts of the amended version. While they’re largely definitional problems, they’re anything but semantic. Future interpretations of the words in this document could lead to clubs unjustifiably having […]

Help support mothers

McGill Tribune This year, especially in Quebec, “autonomy” seems to be a hot topic word. The idea that people have a right to make their own choices is a common argument, especially for anyone who takes a pro-choice stance. But these words, “autonomy” and “choice,” are somewhat misleading when used […]

Life Lines gets angry

McGill Tribune It started slowly: the clicking of a pen here, the answering of cell phone there. Then it rippled out and gathered speed: the disregard for library etiquette is growing into a tidal wave. We need to stop it before it gets there. It might just be my Spidey […]

Alcohol for the win!

McGill Tribune Crack cocaine smiled euphorically. Heroin snorted from nervous laughter. Alcohol slugged and slurred. Standing under the blinding floodlights of the stage, all three finalists joined shaking hands and braced for the moment of truth. Who will claim the title of “the worst drug in the world?” Last week, […]

The Trib’s referendum endorsements

McGill Tribune Referendum Question Regarding SACOMSS Fee Renewal—YES This referendum question proposes the routine, tri-annual approval of the 75-cent opt-outable fee that funds the Sexual Assault Centre of McGill Students’ Society. SACOMSS provides a good and important service to the McGill community, and the Tribune endorses this motion wholeheartedly. If […]