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SSMU Election Endorsement: VP Internal – Tom Fabian

Tom Fabian has both experience and connections, which is why the Tribune is endorsing him for the position of vice-president internal – with some reservations. Fabian has extensive experience with Athletics. He’s been the president of the Varsity Council, represented athletics at SSMU Council, and created the surprisingly successful group Red Thunder, which organizes fan support for McGill games.

SSMU Election Endorsement: VP External – Myriam Zaidi

In the last two years the SSMU vice-president external has played a less visible role in student life. But next year, because of the provincial government’s proposed tuition hikes, the external portfolio will likely take centre stage. Fortunately, there’s one candidate with the experience to tackle this complicated issue – Myriam Zaidi, who the Tribune strongly endorses for the position of SSMU VP external.

Letters from the Editors

If you spend a lot of time complaining about McGill for its lack of or poorly run programs and student life, you would be a hypocrite to not vote YES for the Tribune’s independence. Okay, hypocrite’s a bit strong. But the point is, I spent a lot of time complaining about just that over my time at McGill.