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Letters to the Editor

    We would like to respond to one attack against QPIRG in particular coming from the Opt-Out campaigners. One of the “arguments” these campaigners use to convince students to opt out of QPIRG McGill’s $3.75/semester fee levy is their opposition to an “anti-Canada day” reference in the School Schmool […]

Revolution: the dress rehearsal

  Imagine my frustration—reclined in shaded grass next to Redpath Museum, newspaper folded in hand—at being subjected to the croaky, amplified ramblings of some student “leader” exhorting the loyal troops to, say it with me now, “Stand up, fight back!” I couldn’t concentrate and, with no classes in the afternoon, […]

InSite’s success should set a precedent

McGill Tribune   The Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling to permit InSite, a supervised narcotics injection facility, to remain open without prosecution for federal drug law violations, is a progressive step towards helping many of Vancouver’s drug users. The conservative argument—that safe injection sites enable and condone drug use while […]

Protest needs respect

  Last Wednesday, I attended a student protest in response to the injunction filed against MUNACA. Also last Wednesday, I learned that the pro-MUNACA student movement on campus, a movement I personally supported and felt a part of, is not as empathetic as it seems.  The protest started off, as […]

The Tribune’s GA endorsements

McGill Tribune Resolution regarding democratic reform of the SSMU Board of Directors—YES   The SSMU Board of Directors is the highest decision-making body at SSMU and must consist of only Canadian citizens or permanent residents. This motion would increase the Board of Directors from seven people to 16, and give […]

Pay no attention

It was the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw who first compared writing a column to standing under a windmill: as soon as you’ve dodged one blade, another is rounding the bend and heading straight for you. As a writer, I find the comparison apt. As a reader, however, you should […]

Crime TV too real for me

To all of those TV junkies who have recently taken up a nightly routine of watching prime-time crime shows such as Criminal Minds, CSI, and CSI Miami (also known as the better CSI), I come to you with a grave, grave warning: too much exposure to police procedural dramas is […]

A letter from MUNACA

McGill Tribune To fellow members of the McGill commnity, We are McGill employees, each of us working in a different capacity at the university. Between us we have given almost 100 years of service to McGill. We work hard and we take pride in the work that we do. Like […]