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SSMU should reconsider new equity policy

McGill Tribune Last week, the Students’ Society Legislative Council updated the 2008 version of the equity policy. There are problems with certain parts of the amended version. While they’re largely definitional problems, they’re anything but semantic. Future interpretations of the words in this document could lead to clubs unjustifiably having […]

Help support mothers

McGill Tribune This year, especially in Quebec, “autonomy” seems to be a hot topic word. The idea that people have a right to make their own choices is a common argument, especially for anyone who takes a pro-choice stance. But these words, “autonomy” and “choice,” are somewhat misleading when used […]

Too Asian? is too simplified

McGill Tribune   An article recently published in Maclean’s magazine, titled “Too Asian?” has generated controversy by presenting non-Asian Canadian students and families as concerned about attending universities with large Asian populations. Campuses that have the reputation of being too academically focused at the expense of a robust social scene […]

The politics of the poppy

McGill Tribune I didn’t know whether or not to buy a poppy for Remembrance Day this year. In the Canadian consciousness the red poppy is a symbol of respect for soldiers, those who fought in wars from the First World War to the present day. The poppy, and Remembrance Day […]

Bring back handwritten invites

I miss receiving invitations. Paper invitations. Invitations for everything. Birthday parties, pool parties, other parties. Those flimsy cards were a precious commodity in elementary and middle school. They’re now a relic of a time when people had to sit down and write by hand, and had to commit time, dedication, […]