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In memory of 2010

McGill Tribune Three hundred and sixty-five more days have been filed away into the dusty archives of history. Starting with the devastating Haiti earthquake in January and ending with a breathtaking total lunar eclipse in December, the year 2010 was filled with events. Yet, a few years from now, most […]

Sinfully (unwilling to talk about) Asian(s)

McGill Tribune Investigating the underwater, oft-unseen part of the university admissions iceberg in North America makes one thing painfully clear: the supposed commitment to equality is often tainted by status-quo-maintaining political schemes. Statistics of demographic and performance correlations for students show varying results, but one is obvious: more and more […]

Here comes the SunTV

Last Friday, the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission approved Category Two certification for SunTV, a 24-hour news/talk television channel. The negative reactions of many Canadians at the prospect of SunTV, which have been evident since Quebecor announced plans to create the channel, are the most recent manifestation of a widespread […]

Letter to the Editor

Re: Fighting the anti-free speech Frenzy (editorial, November 23, 2010) November 23rd’s Editorial, “Fighting the anti-free speech frenzy,” is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the legal concept of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is a negative freedom: the government (or university) cannot censor or forbid speech that it […]

Three’s a crowd

Student #1: In addressing this popular topic, I don’t intend to touch on the classic male fantasy involving two women simultaneously fulfilling his deepest desires. Such a situation is more fantasy than reality, and I find it rather disrespectful towards women. Keep in mind, respect is the golden rule when […]

Don’t touch my junk, bro

McGill Tribune Don’t be surprised if you run into increasingly shocking and obtrusive security measures at airports this holiday season, courtesy of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a body of the United States Government.  The latest twist in the ongoing farce of increased airport security measures is the installation of […]