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On Term Limits

First, let me say, “You’re welcome.” Second, let me explain why. I’m quite sure I have figured out how to solve politics, or at least many of the problems that plague politics. The answer is this: a term limit of one. I’m almost positive that a single term limit for […]

In support of course lecturer UDrive

McGill Tribune This week, 26 McGill professors signed an open letter expressing support for the Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill (AGSEM)’s “UDrive” to unionize course lecturers, or contract academic staff, at McGill. On Thursday, the McGill Daily expressed its support for the drive and called for “university-wide solidarity.” […]

Harper wrong to scrap federal party subsidies

McGill Tribune Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently announced that he will make the elimination of federal subsidies to Canadian political parties a central component of his re-election campaign, which could come as soon as this spring. This inflammatory move has predictably raised the ire of opposition parties, who in 2008—the […]

Confront, don’t sanitize the American past

McGill Tribune Issues of censorship, freedom of speech, and political correctness being major concerns of the Tribune, we were alarmed to read that Alan Gribben, a prominent American Mark Twain scholar and Harvard professor, will be re-issuing the classic novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn with two small changes: the […]

Common courtesy not so common

There are ¬many complaints I can lodge against McGill students. They’re loud in the libraries, they insist on handing out flyers at the Milton gates, and they have a chronic inability to distinguish recyclables from non-recyclables. The list goes on and on, and as many people can attest, I have […]