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Letter to the Editor

Thanks for the well-written story about the boycott (“SSMU will support campus food boycott,” October 5). I hope it raises awareness on campus, and as I see from the nice poll on your website, people seem fairly supportive of the SSMU boycott. However, the story credited me with starting the […]

Exile Above New York

The view at night from the roof of my sister’s apartment building in midtown Manhattan is like looking down from one of the higher clouds in heaven at the other angels living out their merry lives below. There are no problems up there, nor does there seem to be any […]

Scrap the Montreal metro cars deal

McGill Tribune Last Thursday the Quebec National Assembly passed Bill 116, permitting the provincial government to hand a $1.22 billion contract for the construction of 468 new Montreal metro cars to a consortium led by Bombardier without going through a bidding process. This bill was proposed by the government and […]

To the African in you

McGill Tribune “The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it.” -George Kimbel Five years remain for the United Nations to achieve an ambitious set of goals mapped out 10 years ago. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), ratified in September 2000, aimed to slash the percentage of […]

A Woman’s Right to Sex

Much to the chagrin of prudes, puritans, and everyone in between, the “Fuck List” of a recent Duke graduate was recently leaked on the Internet. The list, dubbed a “senior thesis” by creator Karen Owen (or as I shall soon need to call her, Hester Prynne), contained an in-depth analysis […]

Vive les prostitutes libres!

“How am I going to celebrate? I’m going to spank some ass.” -Terri Jean-Bradford Terri has a lot to celebrate. She is a dominatrix, and last week the Ontario Superior Court of Justice struck down three provisions of the Criminal Code related to the operation of a “bawdy house” (a […]